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Nancy Richards
I am Ruff Sitwell.

I have been a Dog Trainer since last 12 years and till date, I have trained and housetrained several dogs. I have penned down all my practical, hands-on experience in training and housebreaking dogs in this Free, 5-Day Mini Course on Housetraining Dogs & Puppies with surefire tips to solve almost all potty training problems for Puppies, Adult and Older Dogs.

This Free Mini Course has been promoted by the Dog Training Institute, who already have 14,29113 satisfied clients worldwide and have an online presence since the last 3 years.


Dear Dog Owner,

In our FREE Housetraining Mini Course, you will discover hundreds of tips and techniques that will help you quickly and easily potty train your dog in no time at all ...

Wondering why are we giving it for FREE? I will explain to that you in a minute... But first...

Here's just a small fraction of the things that you will learn from this 5-Day Mini Course On Housebreaking Dogs and Puppies

12 exclusive and highly effective tips on dog potty training

How to step-by-step potty train your beloved puppy quickly and easily

Find different housetraining problems faced with different dog groups - Sight Hounds, Scent Hounds, Retrievers, Terriers, Pointers and Toy Dogs

The 3 most commonly faced housebreaking problems by dog owners, universally

That ONE way to understand your dog's body language before he actually pees or poops

4 different housetraining methods to suit your lifestyle

Know the basic differences between crate training and paper training, to avoid accidents

Three crucial pointers on litter box training and how it can help you in potty training your dog

How to teach your dog to eliminate on commands

4 additional alternative housebreaking methods for your benefit

Advice on what positive reinforcements work best for your dog

How to set and follow a strict schedule for your puppy or dog, to achieve successful potty training

Importance of fence in your dog's life and how it can enhance housetraining

How you should deal with 'accidents', in the best possible ways, without making a big fuss about it

The above tips and techniques are only a small fraction of what you will learn from this FREE Mini Course...

And once you have implemented all the techniques present in this Mini Course, you will soon have a fully housebroken puppy or a dog at home to love and play with...

Just think for a while...

? How frustrated do you feel when your dog relieves itself, in exactly those places, you didn't want it to...

? How many countless hours do you waste, experimenting with the different housebreaking methods that you hope will work with your dog and make it fully housebroken...but fail

? How anxious and helpless do you feel to see your dog eliminating on your carpet, rugs and walls and considers the whole house to be its bathroom...

? How many times have you gone through the trouble and stress of scooping up and cleaning mess made by your dog...


Now imagine your delight when your dog...

Obeys your housetraining commands all the time

Relieves itself only at its designated place

Does not mark furniture, doors or walls anymore

No longer causes you stress and tension over potty training

You will just need to invest a little time and energy and you will be able to effectively potty train your adult dog or puppy without losing your temper or yelling at your pet.

And no matter what breed of dog you have, you can easily housebreak your pet with the help of all the amazing and tested methods, strategies and tips provided in the Mini Course.


Why are we giving it away Free?

Let me take a minute to explain why we are giving this valuable information for FREE. had recently surveyed 1351 dog and puppy owners who are tired, lost and hassled over housebreaking their dogs.

Almost all of them complained that they have tried their best to potty train their dogs, but their dogs continue to remain out-of-control, prone to 'accidents' and non-housetrained.

We had circulated questionnaires to these people to find out how did they try to housebreak their dogs, why did they fail in fully potty training them, what was their biggest complaint... so on and so forth.

The answers we got were absolute eye-openers for us. Most of them complained that their dogs poop here and there, don't follow housetraining commands, keep marking furniture, etc. Most confessed that they hardly know how to potty train a puppy, cannot keep track of potty training schedules, cannot supervize their dogs at all times, does not know how to deal with adult dog housebreaking problems- that they simply experiment with some amateurish techniques.

From the survey results, we understood the root cause is Lack of Knowledge and Unawareness. So, we introduced this FREE Mini Course as a part of our awareness program on dog and puppy housetraining. We are hopeful that this would definitely benefit the owners in successfully potty training their dogs.

You don't have to join a club, you don't have to come to our Institute, you don't have to travel anywhere, you will be able to receive the course right at your home, wherever you are located - just sign up now and the first email of the Mini Course will reach your mailbox within the next 3 minutes.


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And remember - this Mini Course will help you turn your dog into a fully housebroken companion!!

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Ruff Sitwell

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