Housebreaking Your Dog - A Definitive Guide
To All Potty Training And Housetraining Problems Of Dogs

Finally, A Step-By-Step, Proven Guide To HouseTraining Your Puppy...


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How To Quickly And Easily Put An End To All
The Dreaded HouseBreaking Nightmares For
You And Your Dog

Does your unpredictable Dog drive you nuts by...

  • Pooping or Peeing all over the house when you are not around?
  • Eliminating on your carpet, rugs and walls every morning, noon or night?
  • Marking your furniture, walls or doors?
  • Disobeying the housetraining commands that you try teaching it?
  • Making all your persistent efforts at housebreaking go futile?

Now imagine your delight when your Dog...

  • Obeys your housetraining commands all the time
  • Relieves itself only at its designated place
  • Saves you the trouble and hassle of scooping up and cleaning the mess every now and then
  • No longer causes you stress and tension over potty training
Potty Training Tips from An Expert Dog Trainer

I am Ruff Sitwell, the author of "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide"

I have been a Dog Trainer since last 12 years and till date, I have trained and housetrained several dogs and puppies. I have penned down all my practical, hands-on experience in training and housebreaking dogs in this one-of-a-kind e-Book package with surefire tips to solve almost all potty training problems for Puppies, Adult and Older Dogs.

This wonder e-book has been published by The Dog Training Institute, who already have 14,291 satisfied clients worldwide and have an online presence since the last 3 years.

Dear Dog Owner,

Close your eyes a minute and try to visualise what owning a Dog means to you....

Don't you see your favorite pooch wagging its tail with that irresistible expression that simply makes your heart melt...Or your adorable pup playing with you and your kids in the garden on a bright sunny morning...Or your cuddly pet following you from one room to the other ready to snuggle up to you at the drop of a hat...

I am sure no one fancies seeing himself picking up the poop after his dog, soaking up stains or removing odors...that too everyday.... No one sees himself getting exhausted trying to housebreak his erratic dog....and surely No one could ever imagine a scenario where he has to give away his Dog as he's unable to fix potty training problems...

But, in reality, almost every Dog owner goes through a phase of cleaning up messes, constantly keeping watch over their pups, or returning home to... that odor!!

I know that the very thought of Housebreaking fills many with dread and apprehension. So many ideas, so many methods, so many views, so many schools of thoughts...

And needless to say, if you, by chance, use the wrong methods or techniques, you may have to live with the mess and the stress of a non-housetrained Dog for years...

But, with my proven Housetraining tips, you will easily be able to get rid of the biggest headaches of Dog ownership - permanantly!! And you can look forward to enjoying the treasures of owning a Dog i.e. Unconditional Love, Loyalty and Companionship!!

With this definitive guide in your hand, you will just need to invest a little amount of time and energy for a few short weeks and you will be able to effectively potty train your adult Dog or puppy without

  • Losing your temper
  • Hitting or yelling at your dog
  • Your Dog having a bitter experience
  • Physical punishment
  • Rubbing its Nose on its mess

Simply follow the tested methods, strategies and tips discussed in this e-Book and be all smiles with your Dog!

Who Will Benefit From This
Dog Housebreaking Guide?

I will explain why I am repeatedly defining "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide" e-book package as "One-Of-A-Kind ", but first let me tell you who will benefit from this guide.

If you don't have a dog yet but are planning to get one soon, learn all about the different housetraining problems a Dog in particular may have, learn which breeds of dogs can be easily housetrained and which breeds take the maximum time. Get valuable tips on how to prepare your home for your puppy and avoid unneccessary toilet training hassles. Be a pro even before you get your dog.

If you are a first-time dog owner and have adopted an adult dog or a puppy, you will be able to learn the common methods of housetraining and can choose the method that will suit your Dog and your own lifestyle. You will get an outline of the dos and don'ts of each method so that you can avoid the common mistakes that other Dog owners fall prey to. You will also learn how you can avoid housetraining 'accidents'. And what you will find most useful is the different routines and schedules that we have charted down for both puppies and adult dogs.

If you have owned a dog for quite some time but are still facing housetraining problems, learn why those problems are occurring and how best you deal with such situations.

If you have a dog who has suddenly become prone to 'accidents', learn the various measures you need to take to prevent housebreaking 'accidents'. Also learn, how you can easily retrain them to be fully housebroken.

If you are a time-crunched dog owner and have to leave your dog at home for hours at a stretch, learn the quick and most effective ways to housetrain your Dog.

If you are an owner so frustrated with your inability to housetrain your Dog that you are considering letting him go, this potent kit can change your life! Turn your dog into a fully housebroken pet today.

Just as I have clearly specified who will benefit from this e-book, I feel, I should frankly and clearly tell you who will NOT find too much help from it. My intention is not to mint money but to help Dog owners in potty training their dogs.

DON'T BUY this e-book package if

  • Your Dog is completely housetrained and you don't have to face any housebreaking accidents.
  • You already have the necessary knowledge about housebreaking rules, mistakes, methods and problems commonly faced by other Dog owners.


What Does This Wonder e-Book On
Potty Training Your Dog
Have In Store For You...

Ever since The Dog Training Institute started its online presence 3 years back, it has received numerous emails and queries related to housetraining. There have been days when they have received more than 25 mails a day from people, residing all across the world, asking them about housetraining problems.

I have been associated with The Dog Training Institute since it's inception. The sheer volume of emails on Housebreaking problems led us to think and re-think and we finally came up with something concrete and powerful - something that would be full of vital information on different aspects of Puppy housetraining and on connected issues.

We then decided that we would develop an e-book on Housebreaking Dogs - that would help each and every Puppy owner with housetraining their dogs. The aim was to make the overall experience of housebreaking Puppies, positive and problem-free .

We researched for 6 months on what to include and what not to, we consulted veterinarians, we talked to 87 Dog owners and finally completed this 93-page exhaustive training manual on housetraining Puppies.

Just to give you a brief background about my experience in dog training, I have owned and trained several dogs (Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Boxers, Pomeranians, Beagles, Daschunds, GreyHounds, Mastiffs, Dobermans etc.) in last 12 years. I have been associated with The Dog Training Institute since its inception.

In this e-book, I have written down whatever I have learnt in the last few years and I have provided the exact steps that I personally use to Housetrain dogs. And the result of this was - "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide". I am sure this will be of immense help to those thousands of Puppy owners facing challenges pertaining to housebreaking.

This exceptional e-Book offers:

A treasure-trove full of step-by-step instructions and detailed guidelines on Dog housetraining

Insight into what you should and should not be doing after you bring your new Dog home - Endless facts on indoor and outdoor housetraining

The numerous dos and don'ts you MUST keep in mind while your are housetraining your Dog - Highlighted details on the various pros and cons of crate training, paper training, outdoor training, litter box training and diaper training

Advice on what positive reinforcements work the best for your Dog

Details of housetraining issues faced by almost all breeds of dogs - individual information on as many as 59 dog breeds.

Housetraining is a necessity. Every pet Dog should be housetrained. But in order to make it a hassle-free exercise for you and your dog, you need to get hold of the right strategies and methods. "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definite Guide" will do just that!


A Sneak Peak At The e-Book
"Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide"

Chapter 1 - Getting Started With Your Dog (Page 8 to Page 12)

  • The 6 basic essentials you need to know before you get started with a Dog at home... page 8 to 12
  • 5 effective keys to establish a routine successfully... page 12
  • What to do on the first night you bring your dog home... page 11

Chapter 2 - Housetraining Methods (Page 13 to Page 42)

  • 7 amazing pointers to successful housetraining Dog 13 to 14
  • 3 primary methods to learn when your Dog needs to potty ... page 13
  • 11 dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind during outdoor housetraining... page 14 to page 17
  • 12 effective tips on paper training ... page 18 to 21
  • 4 different kind of litters you can avail of for your
  • Dog ... page 25 to 26
  • Importance of crate training in your dog's life... page 28 to 29
  • 6 most useful tips on what to do when your Dog resists crate... page 31 to 32
  • 18 exclusive tips on how to crate train your Dog ... page 34 to 35
  • Learn the 8 closely guarded secrets, in page number 33 and 34, on how to make your dog get accustomed to the crate even at night
  • The 2 disadvantages of crate training that may hamper your housetraining sessions... page 35
  • The most important thing you need to know about clicker training... page 36
  • 5 pointers for you to keep in mind while you are training your dog to eliminate indoors... page 36 to 37
  • The TWO categories of housebreaking commands that must be implemented by dog owners for successful housetraining... page 39
  • How to implement housetraining schedules, most conveniently, according to your pet's age... page 40 to 42

Chapter 3 - Knowing Your Dog's Signals (Page 43 to Page 45)

  • That ONE difference between a male and a female dog that will help you understand their need to eliminate... page 43
  • 2 great methods that will tell you that your dog wants to go potty ... page 43 to 44
  • 12 powerful tips to polish your housetraining skills... page 44 to 45

Chapter 4 - Accidents While Housetraining Your Dog (Page 46 to Page 48)

  • The 2 most effective methods you can use to stop your Dog from eliminating in the wrong place... page 46
  • That ONE cleaning ingredient, mentioned in page 47, you should never use to clean your dog's 'accidents'
  • 5 amazing tips on how to stop repeat 'accidents' ... page 48

Chapter 5 - Special Situations In Housetraining (Page 49 to Page 58)

  • 6 simple yet highly effective steps you should follow if you're working and are having to leave your dog at home for hours at a stretch... page 49 to 50
  • 7 proven steps to combat submissive urination... page 50 to 52
  • The ONE vital reason that leads to submissive urination ... page 51
  • That one time when excitement urination occurs and how you can avoid it... page 52
  • 14 essential strategies with which you can break your dog's habit of marking furniture... page 53 to 54
  • 6 crucial steps to effectively battle your dog's separation anxiety... page 55 to 57
  • Why does your Dog soil its crate and how you can stop it... page 57 to 58

Chapter 6 - Class by Class & Breed by Breed (Page 59 to Page 74)

This one chapter brings out the uniqueness of our e-book - there is no other e-book available that contains a section dedicated to the different breeds

  • Know the importance of fences and how they will benefit the breed of dog you have... page 59 to 60
  • Different breeds have different housetraining problems. Find all such problems and issues answered for Scent hounds, Sight hounds, Pointers and Setters, Terriers, Retrievers, Late Maturers and Toy Breeds... page 60 to 63
  • Get both general and specific housetraining information on 59 different dog breeds ... page 63 to 74

Chapter 7 - Health-Related Issues (Page 75 to Page 83)

  • 4 types of health-related problems that hampers the process of housetraining... page 75 to 83
  • 5 health-related problems occurring to a pup while still in its mother's womb that affects housebreaking... page 75 to 77
  • Find detailed discussions on different medication-related problems that adversely influences your Dog's housetraining ... page 81 to 82
  • Symptom of different diseases like Bladder Stones, Bloat, Diabetes, Spaying Incontinence, Urethral Obstruction, Urethral Prolapse, Urinary Tract Infection and their proper diagnosis... page 77 to 81
  • The 3 old-age related diseases your dog might suffer from and how you can cure them... 82 to 83

All this and much much more awaiting you in this amazing housetraining e-Book...


A Few Samples From
"Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide"

I have selected few excerpts from the book. The Table of Contents alone would give you an idea of the span and the depth of topics discussed in it!

View the Table of Contents from our Housebreaking e-Book

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You've seen nothing yet.

Given below are the three most common questions on housetraining that dog owners asked us through our Blog, letters and emails. Check them out, picked straight from the e-Book - all dealing with the most common housetraining problems.

1. "I am tired of my Dog marking the furniture all across the house. I am at a loss trying to controlling it!"
View excerpts on Marking from our Housetraining Guide - Page 53
of the book

2. "I am confused about when my Dog needs to go potty?"
View excerpts on Understanding Your Dog's Signals for Potty - Page 43 of the book

3. "I am frustrated - my Dog keeps on having 'accidents' even after I have tried all possible methods of housetraining. View an excerpt on Preventing Accidents after Your Dog is Potty trained - Page 48 of the book

A few of the other common questions / problems or concerns that we have answered in our e-book are:

I had a 2 year old Dog which was fully housetrained. Recently I adopted another 3.5 year old Dog from a shelter. The new addition was not housetrained and was initially pooping all around. My problem is, ever since the first one saw the second doggie, he has started doing the same. How do I control both?

It is cold and frosty outside and my dog does not want to go out. He is treating the home as an extension of the backyard. What do I do?

How do I litterbox train my adult dog?

My Dog is otherwise toilet trained. But it pees inside mostly when it is upset or over-excited. The other day it peed on my friend who had just popped in for a few minutes. Can I solve this? How?

How does spaying and neutering help in housetraining dogs?

After reading this book, you can put a permanent end to the sheer sense of helplessness and frustration that you feel when you suddenly discover that your Dog has relieved itself in exactly those places that you didn't want it to...

You can put a permanent end to the extremely annoying and exasperating task of having to clean up the place in your house where your Dog has accidentally relieved itself...

You will no longer have to constantly stay beside your Dog to ensure that it doesn't accidentally relieve itself in the wrong place... you will have the relief of knowing your dog is roaming around the house on its own, if it needs to pee and poop, it will always do so at the right place...

You will no longer have to worry before going to work every morning that when you return, you will find that your Dog has gone to the bathroom in the most inappropriate of places...

You will be safe in the knowledge that when you return home from work, the floor of your house, your carpets and your furniture will not be dirty or permanently ruined...

You will SAVE money because you won't ever need to replace the expensive carpets or furniture in your house because of your Dog...

You will also save money because you won't have to hire any profesional dog trainer for Potty Training your Dog.

Other members of your family will no longer complain to you that your Dog has not been housetrained properly...

Plus, you will save dozens of hours of your time every week because you will no longer have to waste time trying to figure out on your own as to how you can potty train your Dog... our book will give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do so!

Instead you can enjoy those same hours by playing with your dog or pup and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it!!

"Wow! That's Awesome.
But, This Must Cost A Bomb!"

Not At All!

I certainly am proud that this "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide" e-Book is truly extraordinary. I have tried to make sure that this would be the ultimate resource for you and your Dog where housetraining is concerned.

Along with me, the entire team at The Dog Training Institute, have left no stone unturned in carefully culling the really useful information to produce this exclusive, info-packed, high-quality housetraining kit that's authentic, convenient and easy-to-follow and is coming to you straight from the experts.

In fact, we have spent $1,485 on various books, consultation fees and articles. The entire process of collating and compiling all the detailed information, then editing and re-editing the e-Book took Ruff more than 4 months.

If you were to spend the same amount of time, money and energy in gathering this knowledge you will still be experimenting with all the different views, leave aside the easily available "FREE" trivia found in the name of authentic dog potty training information.

That is where our first-hand experience on housebreaking dogs of various breeds, ages and personalities has come into play. We know what works and what does not and we have penned down exactly that.

So, the ideal price for this package should be $79 - in fact, after consulting my accountant, I found out that if we charge $79 per order, we should be able to break even in around 5 months.

But, we dog lovers stick together, don't we? All we want for our pets is the best we can give within our means.

And so, I thought, how many Dog owners can actually afford $79 for an e-Book package on Potty Training, when they already have to pay for dog food, accessories, toys, vet bills etc?

Besides, what was my initial motivation to create the e-Book? It was not to make money - it was to help the countless Dog owners all across the globe toilet train their pet dogs.

What those Dog owners actually need is proper advice and step-by-step guidance (that our “Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide” will provide). And if I really have to help as many dog owners as I can, I simply cannot charge $79.

So, I decided to slash down the price by 50% and peg the Regular Price at $39.95...But since this is an e-Book and there is no printing cost involved I decided to pass on the benefit to you and the price of the package was fixed at $29.95.

Do bargains come any better?

But do understand I can't go on giving it at this throwaway price. Believe me, it's a steal. You will definitely agree with me once you go through the e-Book.

And there's more to come!

Here Is A Small Brain-Stormer On
Potty Training Dogs

See if you can answer the following questions on Housetraining Dogs...

? Crate training will help stop a 3-month-old housetrained puppy from soiling Yes No
? Dogs wet or poop out of jealousy Yes No
? Startling a dog stops him from eliminating at the wrong place Yes No
? Yelling at your dog will help in successful housetraining Yes No

These are only a few of the questions that almost all Dog owners face on a daily basis - and it is extremely important for you to know the right answers to these basic questions. A wrong step in any of the above situations may simply make all your potty training efforts go in vain!!


To Make Potty Training Dogs
Even More Simple And Effective,
Here's Something Extra For All Who Buy!

"35 Commonly Asked Questions On Housetraining"
An Exclusive Bonus Offer ONLY for You!
(Worth $29.95! But You Get It FREE!!!)

Another e-Book added to the list at no extra cost.

Through this extra-special e-book, we are providing answers to as many as 35 most commonly asked questions that Dog owners raise in real life everyday. A full 26 pages e-Book packed with the most common Dog housetraining queries...answered such that it is not only easy to understand but simple to implement also.

Although this e-Book is worth $29.95 (or maybe even more), I am giving it to you free of cost.

Let's zoom in and take a sneak peek at this mavellous Bonus e-Book...

  • 6 ways to prepare your home to avoid housebreaking accidents before you actually bring a dog or puppy home (See Page 4 to 5)
  • What to do when you have a very young pup at home (See Page 5)
  • Know how to best deal with your first dog when it forgets its previous housetraining lessons on seeing your new second dog (See Page 7)
  • The best method to stop your Dog from peeing on the flowers and bushes (See Page 10 to 11)
  • What workable strategies to take when your set schedule fails. (See Page 13 to 14)
  • Suitable actions you need to take when your dog refuses to eliminate outdoors owing to cold or hot weather (See Page 24)

That's not all...

  • 10 most critical steps to combat housetraining resistance and establish a better master-pet relation (See Page 12 to 13)
  • Know the perfect way to housetrain your matured Dog (See Page 14 to 15)
  • The most suitable way to housetrain an abused Dog keeping the dog's vulnerable condition in mind (See Page 15 to 16)
  • Learn the 3 different ways to deal with coprophagia in your Dog and how to put a stop to it. (See Page 19 to 20)
  • What to do when your adult dog suddenly changes its toilet habits (See Page 15)
  • 5 most powerful tips on how to reduce fear of housetraining in your dog. (See Page 21 to 22)
  • 4 reasons leading to your dog urinating on your clothes and its remedy (See Page 9)
  • Learn the effects of food habits for proper housetraining and know which food is harmful for your beloved pet. (See Page 23)
  • What will you do when your dog resorts to wetting out of jealousy? (See Page 7 to 8)

All this and loads of other valuable information and secrets on dog housetraining that every dog owner deserves to know...


Can you imagine, how helpful this Bonus e-Book is? We have simply listed 15 out of the 35 most common questions, relating to housetraining, that this e-Book has answered. With our easy to implement tips, Dog owners who are facing these problems everyday will be able to solve their problems permanantly.

Frankly, that's like getting an entire fortune for peanuts!


Still undecided? Just to help you decide, remember that "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide" is backed by a...

Risk-Free, No-Nonsense, Iron-Clad, 8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

As further proof that we are absolutely confident of the high quality of the Package, we are offering you the Training Institute's risk-free, no-questions-asked, no pressure, no whining, 8 Weeks money back guarantee.

Keep the Package for 55 days and if you're not 100% satisfied at having received a power-packed package full of vital information, simply ask for a Prompt Full Refund!

If you are not happy with the Package for any reason whatsoever and if it does not meet your highest expectations, we don't want you to pay a single, red cent for it. Simply write to us asking for a refund and we will refund the entire payment to you.

This is more than just a guarantee - this is our personal promise to you.

Ruff Sitwell
Dog Training Institute

These e-books are available in Adobe PDF format and you can read them from any computer (Windows or MAC) with free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the e-books as soon as you pay - there is no delay due to shipping or fulfillment.

Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.


Why Is This Guide On
Potty Training Your Dog Unique?

You will find many Free sources of information on the internet on potty training dogs . But you don't know how authentic they are and also, to what depth have they handled the important topics.

But, if you face any problem regarding housetraining your Dog and you search the internet, you will find a number of websites with answers to those problems. First, you will have to read multiple websites, get a number of views, then apply your judgement to decide which will work on your Dog and only then can you start experimenting.

On the other hand, our "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide" covers A to Z of Dog Housetraining. It is power-packed with information on everything you need to know on housebreaking your dog. This e-Book discusses time-tested tips and techniques that have worked wonders on dogs having housetraining problems. Therefore, it is bound to work for your dog.

You or your family member can use the tips and techniques discussed here to fully housetrain your Dog right at your home. You will not need to spend a wholelot for hiring a personal dog trainer.

It contains information straight from the horse's mouth - dog trainers, dog and puppy owners, veterinarians - and I have ensured that we cater specifically to each and every dog, no matter what age or temperament.

It can serve as a perfect troubleshooter for all kinds of housetraining problems - from serious to minor and from common to complex.

But, that is what almost all other Housetraining books also have.

Well, there is one BIG difference

"Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide" has loads of housetraining tips on different dog breeds.

It caters to different housetraining problems faced with different dog groups - Sight Hounds, Scent Hounds, Retrievers, Terriers, Pointers and Toy Dogs. And it does not stop there.

It drills down to another level - and provides an insight into Housebreaking problems faced by as many as 59 individual dog breeds - and this includes mixed breeds as well.

You will NOT get any single website with all these details about so many dog breeds and groups. Neither will you get any other book on Housetraining concentrating on individual breed specific issues.

If you have a Toy Dog like a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier; or a Scent Hound like a Beagle or a Basset Hound, this book will tell you about the housetraining problems you can expect in each of them, how to solve those issues and how to prevent accidents.

If you own a Retriever like the Labrador or Golden Retrievers, or a Terrier like a Border Terrier, you'll know about the issues you need to keep in mind while toilet training your dog. And to makes things easier for you, we have even provided you with tips and methods to solve or prevent unwanted situations.

We have categorically mentioned which breeds may have health related housebreaking difficulties and which breeds may have temperament related issues.

If you are planning to get a new dog, you should read this section very carefully - you will learn what you can expect from your new dog and will not have too many uncalled for surprises!!

Why go through hours and hours of tiresome reading and surfing that has already been collated and compiled into one single e-Book? Why not take full advantage of our 178 hours of research and fact finding - that we have spent ONLY for our Breed specific section alone.



Wish you all the best in your efforts at housebreaking your Dog .

With Regards ,

Ruff Sitwell
Dog Training Institute.

P.S. With "Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide", you don't need to hunt for information anymore. It reveals the ultimate secrets of potty training dogs that can turn even the most erratic ones into social, fully housebroken pets.

And at this unbelievable price, you are getting power-packed information on anything and everything on dog housetraining you can think of, along with the fabulous bonus offer. Grab the chance while it lasts.

And with my 100% money back guarantee you simply have nothing to lose.

P.P.S: Click Here if you have decided not to order.

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