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Who Are We?

DogPottyTrain.com is hosted by the Dog Training Institute, a leading organization in the world dedicated to the welfare of all dogs . The aim was to promote public interest in dogs and convey by all possible means an unbiased presentation of the use of the use of pottytraining techniques for dogs .

Our History :

DogPottyTrain.com was born out of a need to educate dog lovers across the globe on how to potty train and take care of their pets easily at home, without breaking the bank. Nancy Richards, a devoted dog lover, started this Institute a year back.

Our Mission Statement :

  • To train and educate dog lovers and dog owners across the globe on house training, maintaining and taming their pets.

  • To promote responsible dog ownership and minimize dogs being rusticated from their houses.

  • To protect and ensure the well-being of dogs as a whole.

Our Activities:

Time and again, we carry out extensive research on the best ways of training, maintaining and taking care of your dogs . We do this through surveys, questionnaires, research and experiments.

We also use the results of our research to train numerous dog owners like you on how to train, maintain and take care of their dogs .


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