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Job Opportunities at Dog Training Institute

If you love dogs and have experience in various aspects of training, grooming and maintaining canine health, we invite you to join our Institute. We’re always on the lookout for qualified personnel who can help us in our mission to educate dog lovers across the globe.

Job Openings:

1. Dog Handler - with experience in commanding and controlling wild or rescue dogs and a good knowledge of dog behavior and breed characteristics.

2. Professional Dog Trainer - with experience in all aspects of dog obedience training and trick training for pet and show dogs.

3. Puppy Raiser - with specialized knowledge of handling tender puppies and information on puppy behavior problems.

4. Canine Dietician - with in-depth knowledge of canine health problems and dietary requirements for perfect canine health.

5. Kennel Staff - for looking after kennels and maintaining hygienic kennel environment.

6. Veterinarian - with experience in dealing with canine diseases.

7. Veterinary Technician - with experience in assisting vets and veterinary surgeons.

8. Grooming Expert - with detailed knowledge of canine skin and coat problems and experience in grooming different breeds.

9. Dog Sitter - having experience in day sitting different breeds.

10. Apprentice - to work as dog training apprentice in our Institute.

11. Volunteers - dog lovers are invited to join us as volunteers for various activities undertaken by our Institute.

Send us your updated CV and we’ll get in touch with you.


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